Running Club

Would you love to be able to run 5k but can only currently run for 5 minutes?

Active Mummies Running Clubs take place on weekly evening meet ups in a fun and friendly group environment (without babies) we take running step by step and build up slowly to be able to run 5k without stopping!

This is a fun way to get yourself into running and as its the only mum focused running club in Northampton it’s a great way to meet like-minded mums and to achieve something for yourself.

0 to 5k and 5k to 10k running clubs take place throughout the year so please register your interest here to avoid disappointment.

Spaces are limited, you must be over 4 months post natal and have a fitness level which you would describe as at least a 6 out of 10. Courses cost £50 and vary in vary in duration but on average last around 8 weeks. We normal plan our training around an organised run and we often raise money for local charities.