Buggy Fit Classes

About our Buggy Fit Classes

Our Buggy Fit classes are held from a number of locations in Northampton and Daventry, and are aimed at getting local Mums fit whilst giving the opportunity to meet other Mums. Run by locally qualified Claire Brown, a mother herself, each member is encouraged to get fit with or without the baby buggy.

All of our Buggy Fit classes are held outdoors, at either Abington Park in a picturesque part of Northampton, Brampton Valley Way (on the northern edge of Northampton), or Daventry Country Park on the outskirts of Daventry.

On your first visit you will receive a loyalty card. Bring it everytime you come and on your 10th stamp you 11th session with be free along with a free Active Mummies Goodie Bag which will include an Active Mummies T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Free health drink, discount vouchers.

For further information about our Buggy Fit fitness classes in Northampton, please click here to contact Claire from Active Mummies.

During our Buggy Fit Fitness Classes

Active Mummies outdoor fitness classes with or without buggies offers Mum’s of all different fitness abilities more than just a walk in the park!

Each session is an hour long and involves a 3 to 5 mile route in total. Sessions start with a 5 minute moderate warm up walk, followed by some Active Stretching; we will then progress into a power walk or jog to start to raise our heart rates. The classes will also include specific toning and strengthening exercises focusing on legs, bums, arms and tums, we will finish with a cool down and stretching.

You will be encouraged to exercise at a level which suits you! This is not a Boot Camp style workout and there won’t be any pressure to keep up with others. It is understood within the group that everyone is at different levels and everyone respects that. Active Mummies is primarily about having fun and getting fitter along the way.

Find one of our Buggy Fit fitness classes

Brampton Valley Way, Northampton

Based from Brampton Valley Way in Northampton, we work with local mothers to get them fit in this beautiful part of Northamptonshire.

When: Monday’s – 10am till 11am – Brampton Valley Way, Northampton.

Meet: Meet in the car park opposite the Windhover Pub at 9.55am.

First Session Monday 25th April

Abington Park, Northampton

Based at Abington Park in the heart of Northampton, our local Mums meet to get fit with and without their baby buggies.

When: Wednesday’s – 10am till 11am – Abington Park, Northampton.

Meet: Meet just outside The Park Café at 9.55am

First Session Wednesday 27th April

Daventry Country Park, Daventry

Based from Daventry Country Park, our only Daventry based group is perfect for Mums who want to get fit whilst looking after their little one.

When: Thursdays – 10am till 11am – Daventry Country Park

Meet: Meet in the Icon Centre Car Park at 9.55

First Session Thursday 28th April

Making Fitness Affordable for Mums.

Just £5 a session. Pay upfront £25 for 6 sessions or £50 for 11 sessions

On you first visit you will receive a loyalty card. Bring it every time you come, and on your 9th stamp your 10th session will be free.

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Important Information

‘Before commencing a post natal fitness class please always check with your GP / Midwife. It is necessary that after a natural birth with no complications you wait until after your 6 week post natal check by your GP. If you had a caesarean you need to wait 10 to 12 weeks after the birth before participating in any form of exercise.’
Any abdominal crunches or high impact exercise should be avoided at least 16 to 18 weeks Post Natal.
Running should be avoided until you are at least 13/14 weeks Post Natal and have no niggles or pains.
A supportive sport’s bra is recommended during exercise, this is especially important if you are breast feeding.

For more information, please contact Claire by calling 07900082544 or by filling in our contact form here.